Sample Reports

Welcome, the following links are for sample reports for your viewing pleasure. The files are in PDF; if you do not currently have Adobe Acrobat Reader you may use the "Get Adobe Reader" link below to download a free version of the appropriate program needed for viewing the reports.

At Reliance Home Inspection our reports are narrative and computerized using the most recent technology available, including color digital photography. We are able to tailor each report to each clients needs and specific situations. We have several options at our disposal for report delivery such as, printing a hardcopy, CD-ROM, and/or emailing, etc., the choice is yours. Thank you for visiting and please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime, including evenings and weekends if you have any questions, concerns or if there is any way that we can be of service to you.



                                Sample Report#1                        Sample Report #2


You don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader? We can help with that too. Just click the link below and follow the on screen instructions.